A Walking Bus is a group of children who walk to school together, accompanied by at least two adults.

It is a fun, healthy, safe and sustainable way of travelling to school. Powered by good, old – fashioned legwork, the children walk in a group along a set route, picking up “passengers” at specific “bus stops” on their journey to school. Walking Bus supervisors act as a ‘driver’ (adult leading the bus from the front) and ‘conductor’ (adult supervising the bus from the rear) at the back.

Walking to school gives primary school children a really healthy start to their day. It cuts down on car journeys – so it’s better for the environment and eases local congestion.

Get your walking shoes on!

Children can experience so much on a simple walk to school and what better way to do it than with their friends in a safe and sociable way.

Younger children and babies transported in pushchairs or buggies may join the Walking Bus if accompanied by their parent or carer, however they will count towards the adult to child ratio. We also encourage parents and carers to become Walking Bus volunteers if allowing their children to actively participate.

Everyone on the Walking Bus is expected to wear a high-visibility tabard. Adults involved are also police-checked and all routes approved by the council following a risk assessment.

If you feel apprehensive about your child walking to school alone, the walking bus provides an ideal opportunity to walk to school with their friends while being supervised.

Benefits of the Walking Bus

  • Children arrive at school more alert and ready to earn
  • Encourages healthy lifestyles and exercise
  •  Children get to meet and walk with their  friends
  • Children gain social skills
  •  Children gain skills to safely walk to school
  •  Reduces traffic around the school

The Walking Bus is charged at 50p per child per day and is payable weekly online through a ParentPay invoice. 

If you would like your child to be part of the Walking Bus scheme please contact the school on: Tel: 01904 806486

Walking Bus Telephone: 07824 471585

Click here to see the Walking Bus Leaflet

Miss S Davies
Walking Bus Supervisor

Mrs L Sorensen
Walking Bus Supervisor

Miss A Frances
Walking Bus Supervisor