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As a school, we work very hard to ensure that our children achieve the success they are capable of and that reflects their potential.  The children continue to make very good progress from their starting points – we were in the top 5% of progress for writing in 2019 – but we always strive to do even better!

Although there were no tests in 2020 and 2021, we continue to support our children in everything that we do so that they are ready for the challenges that face them in secondary school and beyond.

Key Stage 2 SATs Results

2018 2019 2022
Expected Standard % 54 58 62
Average Scaled Score 100.3 99.8 104
Higher Level % 13 10.5 23
Average Progress -1.79 +1.25 +0.8
2018 2019 2022
Expected Standard % 75 85 77
Average Scaled Score N/A N/A N/A
Higher Level % 8 20 8
Average Progress +0.40 +7.15 +2.1
2018 2019 2022
Expected Standard % 67 60 73
Average Scaled Score 103 102 105
Higher Level % 25 20 27
Average Progress +1.63 +1.38 +2.5
2018 2019 2022
Expected Standard % 50 45 58
Higher Level % 8 5 8

What does this actually mean?

This means at the end of all Key Stages, we have improved on the previous 2 years achievements. EYFS are now in line with National figures and more children are achieving a Good Level of Development. In phonics, our attainment has increased as well and we will be looking to improve this even further next year. Year 2 have also improved children’s attainment, and we are ensuring that more of our children are reaching a higher level (GDS) as well!

In Year 6, we continue to make steps forward too. Reading and maths has improved over the past 2 years and writing is in line with last year’s amazing results. What we are particularly pleased with is the amount of children now achieving a higher level (HS). Maths scores were amazing and we are pleased that we are above National figures in this area.

Even more pleasing is the progress that we have made. From children’s starting points, more and more children are reaching, and exceeding their individual targets, putting us in the top 40% of schools in the country for progress in maths.

Where do we need to improve?

We want to be even better next year, as we know this will ensure that our children’s life chances with improve even further. We are prioritising Reading and also looking at ways to ensure that no child is left behind and leaves St Lawrence’s ‘Secondary Ready’! We will keep you informed about what we are doing and the impact that it has on our children.

We are delighted with the school’s achievements. These results are a reflection of the hard work that the teaching staff have put in, but also the support that we have received from everyone in our community. We are incredibly excited about the year to come and feel that St Lawrence’s will continue to improve.