York Schools and Youth Trust (YoYo) founded in 1996, YoYo seeks to work with York schools and churches to bring the Christian faith alive.

YoYo exists to:

  • Effectively communicate the Christian faith to children and young people in York schools.

  • Serve the primary and secondary schools of York by supporting them in their teaching of the Christian faith.

  • Encourage, equip and support churches to work with children and young people from their local schools.

  • Encourage and help Christians in school as they live out their faith.

Here at St Lawrence’s Church of England Primary school, we are lucky enough to welcome them half termly to the school to lead collective worship and class workshops. 

They also work with individual classes to deliver workshops on various different Christian themes. The children have expressed that YoYo worship is something they really enjoy at school.

YoYo sessions this year include:- 

September 2023 –  ‘New Start’ Assembly for the whole school. 

December 2023 –  ‘It’s Your Christmas’  workshops with Year 1 and Year 4 and also a whole school assembly.

December 2023 – YoYo Christmas Walk Through Experience at York Community Church with Year 3 and Year 4

January 2024 – ‘It’s Your Bible’ Workshops for the Year 6 class.

March 2024 – ‘It’s Your Easter’ Workshops with Year 2 and Year 5 and a whole school assembly.

If you would like to find out more about the work that YoYo does please click here to visit their website.