Collective Worship

We meet together every day to sing, pray and learn more about our Christian values, the Bible and how they relate to us. Collective worship is led by different staff members, our Open the Book team of local church volunteers, YOYO and sometimes other special guest speakers.

Each half term a different class leads collective worship in their own ‘sharing assembly’ and the children love getting involved as often as possible.

Our RE ambassadors lead collective worship once every half term and help regularly in preparing for worship. We follow the ‘Roots and Fruits’ long term plan for collective worship, which was recommended to us by the Diocese.

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Click here to see our Autumn 1 – 2022 – 2023 Worship Rota.

Collective worship is part of the educational and spiritual provision of the school and thus underpins all aspects of school life.   Pupils have both the need and a right to develop spiritually, morally and culturally as well as mentally, physically and socially.


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